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  • diapers (I have a ton of cloth and a package of tushies for outings or whenever)

  • clothes, mostly gowns

  • car seat

  • sling

  • recieving blankets

  • bulb syringe

  • thermometer

  • lambie

  • washcloth and towels

  • Make sure you have hats for baby’s lil bald head.

  • natural diaper rash ointment or tea tree oil….

  • a nice natural unscented lotion for baby’s skin, ‘cuz they usually get pretty dry skin after the vernix is gone.


  • nursing bras

  • nursing pads

  • nursing pillow (I found this invaluable with my first, she was quite small)

  • nursing clothes

  • sitz bath

  • old cloth diapers that I will use for blood flow

  • Try to get some chux pads from the hospital. Those are awesome for putting under you for sleeping while you are still bleeding.

  • Have some food made in the freezer so you and your dh don’t have to cook for a few days at least…. or send him for takeout :>.

  • One thing which will supercede  all others – AFTEREASE tincture

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