by SoulSeeker
for MotherSpirit

My first exposure to allergies was the day my husband came to pick me up for our first date.  Until that day, I had remained blissfully ignorant of the havoc allergies can wreak in a person’s, and everyone involved with that person’s, life.

If ever love at first sight happened, it happened with my husband and I.  As he walked in the door of my apartment, I fell in love and at the same time noticed my beloved’s eyes turning red, his nose stuffing up and his hands moving to itch his eyes.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my little cat, Moxie, race into my bedroom and I realized, these would be our last days together.

I watched my husband suffer through sinus infection after sinus infection, allergy shots, round after round of antibiotics – even surgery to widen his sinus cavities.  I watched with sorrow but with no real understanding of his suffering.  A few years later, we had our first child – a beautiful boy, perfect in every way.  From as far back as I can remember, my son had what we affectionately termed a "snurgle" – a sort of mucousy sound to his breathing.  We were repeatedly assured that this was normal and he would eventually outgrow it.

During my son’s first cold, the snurgle got worse and never really got better.  Again, we were repeatedly assured this was normal and had nothing to do with the cold or the fact that the cold seemed to never go away.  As a new mother, I put my faith in the pediatrician we had selected and doubted my mothering instincts that said something was not right.  Months later, the mothering instincts still nagging me, the pediatrician still telling me that the seemingly never-ending cold was normal, we found a new pediatrician who did some x-rays and found the worst sinus infection these doctors had ever seen in an infant his age (10 months).  An adult strength antibiotic seemed to do the trick but each time we’d finish a round, the sinus infection would come roaring back with greater strength.  Symptoms worsened – asthma symptoms appeared, severe coughing, difficulty breathing and along with the antibiotics my son was treated with a nebulizer and prescribed an asthma medication called Albuterol which constricts the lining of the lungs and airways in order that more air might sneak through.

Four months our family endured this treatment which took all of our energy to maintain, filled us with fear and destroyed any semblance of a normal daily life we might have had.  One day I realized something:  I would never do this to my own body, why would I do this to my tiny son’s?

Against medical advice, we discontinued the medical treatment we were doing and put our son into the caring hands of a professional homeopath who specialized in working with children.  Three days after our first round of homeopathic treatment, my son was sinus infection free.  We were stunned and amazed that we were not going to have to deal with the antibiotics again (and we have never since). 

Wonderful you say…but the snurgle was still there.  At least we were back to where we started.  I knew I had to figure something out and by the grace of the Goddess or just pure luck, my son started walking right about this time.  Each day, after playing outside, we’d notice a hive-like rash on his legs and sometimes arms.  One day as we were playing he fell face first into the grass, sat up and wouldn’t you know, hives on the face. AHA – my son was allergic to grass!  ALLERGIES!

I immediately called the pediatrician who said there was really nothing we could do but remove the allergen.  Grass?  How do I remove grass?  I knew I had to do something so I began doing some research on my own and quickly discovered that most people who are allergic to grass are also allergic to wheat – a type of grass.  Grass and wheat!  Wheat is in everything.  We bought all the special foods – our son would eat none of them.  We were at a loss as to what to do.

I continued my research and came across a non-invasive allergy treatment called NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique).  NAET is an alternative therapy for treating allergies based on kinesiology, chiropractic and acupuncture/accupressure.   I talked to many families who had tried NAET with great success and was hopeful.  The NAET website has a database of trained practitioners and I searched and found a practitioner.

One treatment for grass and my son has never gotten hives again but, even more remarkable, the snurgle was GONE.  GONE. GONE. GONE.   The snurgle was gone and it has never come back! 

NAET works on a system of clearing the "basic 10" – these are common items found in foods like calcium, vitamin a, sugar, salt.  Once you have cleared the basic 10, you can work on more specific allergens like grass or, my son’s other allergy, soy.  For some allergens, it may take more than one treatment to clear the allergen; for others, one treatment is enough.

A basic NAET appointment goes something like this: 

The allergen you will be treating is determined using muscle testing (kinesiology).  Muscle testing is as simple as the patient holding a vial of the allergen and the practitioner using resistance testing (pushing on the muscle while the patient resists) to determine a sensitivity.  A sensitivity will show by the muscle being unable to resist the pressure from the practitioner.  If the child, like my son, is too young to do this testing themselves, the parent can be a surrogate.  In this scenario, I hold my son in my lap while he holds onto the little vial with the allergen (his absolute favorite part), our body energies mix and my muscles can be used to test his sensitivity.

Once the allergen is determined, the vial is put on the patient’s body (in our case, we stick it in my son’s diaper) and the practitioner does their magic stimulating the accupressure points on the hands, elbows, feet, sometimes back, head.  After this, the patient must maintain holding the vial for about 15 minutes.

After the complete treatment, the patient must not come in contact with, in any way, for 25 hours.  This means not touching or ingesting any food that contains the allergen – sometimes hard but always manageable.

That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  I have talked to people who have different children after undergoing NAET treatments.  I know a woman who used to carry one of those "shots" because her son was so allergic to peanuts and this same son was recently told by a medical pediatric allergist that he shows no allergies (that pediatric allergist is now giving out NAET information to his clients). 

Allergy elimination isn’t new to the field of kinesiology, accupressure or chiropractors.  In fact, most of these practitioners will tell you they can heal your allergies without using the NAET procedures.   I fell prey to these promises.  With the daunting task of trying to find a NAET practitioner who would be covered by our insurance and failing, I decided to try a chiropractic doctor who said he could do NAET-like treatments.  In fact, these DID work.  My son was not cleared of the basic 10 originally and was treated for grass and wheat with success.  Seven months later, his main allergen, soy, had still not cleared and with much frustration, I began paying to see a true NAET practitioner.  We determined that my son did, in fact, have a sensitivity to a few of the basic 10 and that is probably the reason he could not clear his other sensitivities. 

NAET is an amazing practice with lots of testimonials by people who have tried it both adults and parents of children.  If you or someone in your family is suffering from allergies, I encourage you to check it out – it can’t hurt (at least not anymore than all those shots OUCH!).

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