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I am trying SO hard to eat healthier, but morning sickness has really kicked in lately and I am just not able to tolerate anything healthy! Honestly just about everything is grossing me out, but vegetables in particular are particularly revolting. I know I need the veggies though, and I’m being hard on myself for not having the willpower to eat them. I never had morning sickness with my son or the pregnancy I lost recently, so this is new to me.

Suggestions? Should I just force myself to eat veggies no matter how much they nauseate me? Should I give myself for a break until the morning sickness passes? FWIW, I am not eating potato chips and pizza – but what I am able to tolerate is bread-y stuff like pancakes.


  • Maybe hiding them will work. You could cut a small piece off a few veggies and chop those up small, then add them to something like fried potatoes and lightly cook them with the potatoes….does that sound appetizing at all? With lots of good seasoning? Or you could make that eggplant dip (I would only use 1/2 clove of garlic if you have ms though!) and dip bread in it! if you eat sandwiches, just add some slices of tomato, cucumber and lettuce….those are all great, and even better, they will be raw! You could dip carrot sticks and celery in hummus….I always found celery to be a great food whenever I need some type of cleansing (always, LOL!) and when I see it I crave it! Soup might be good….remember garlic is so good for you and is great in soups….chop up the veggies small so you won’t have to chew big chunks up! You can add chopped veggies to any type of sauce or dip….and don’t forget lots of fruit! Are you eating enough raw fruits? You could always have pancakes with sliced fruit on top (I know the food combination isn’t proper, but hey it’s better than no fruit!)

    • Here is the recipe for the eggplant dip:

      1 and 1/2 broiled eggplants with innards scooped out (compost the skin!)

      1 raw tomato

      1 cup chopped raw olives (you could use greek or kalamata style)

      1/4 cup olive oil (if you want all that yummy extra fat! If not, don’t add it)

      1-3 cloves of chopped raw garlic, depending on your tastes. I like lots!

      salt to taste

      Blend in blender or proccess in food processor until it reaches desired consistency. I blend it smooth.

  • This was the main part of my diet while pregnant with my son:

    THE DRESSING (has a BULB of raw garlic in about 20oz of dressing, nutritional yeast, fresh parsley, juice of lemon and orange, organic olive oil) I ate this dressing with a very busy salad with steamed veggies or rice and beans stirred in….Mmmmmmm. This is also REALLY good to dip bread in!

    Roasted potatoes– I roasted regular and sweet potatoes together with a drizzel of olive oil, Herbamare, and chopped garlic.

    Potato based soups–these soups are appealing because they are c-r-e-a-m-y. My favorites are potato/leek and potato/broccoli.

    Rice and beans with veggies stirred in–‘nuf said..YUM

    AVOCADO–I eat mostly raw foods so I try to eat at least one avocado a day for good fats and oils. Avocados are SO good for you with their creamy texture, maybe you could mash it up and spread it on your bread?

  • I am a firm believer in listening to your body when you are pregnant. Make sure you’re getting all the minerals and vitamins you need (in pill or liquid form, if necessary) and then listen and eat. I remember when pregnant with my oldest, I would not give in to lemonade and potatoe chips. I’ve since learned that studies have been done which prove that this combo actually lessens morning sickness for some womyn. I’d listen to your body.

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