I am only about 5 mos PG but already I am getting the first signs of colostrum!!! (Or at least there is something leaking ever so slightly from my breasts where there never was before.) And my breasts are still sore – that never really went away after the first trimester – and continue to grow. So why is this such good news, and why am I sharing such personal details about my breasts of all things?

Waldorf and Schooling

Rudolph Steiner was the founder of Waldorf schools in the late 19th century in Austria. These schools
believe in helping the young child’s spirit incarnate into the body slowly and gently. They try to foster the
growth of the whole child, not just the child’s mind.


DIAPERS AND COVERS:Ok, fitted diapers for a newborn – Kissaluvs size 0 (get on Melanie’s onelist and when she makes an announcement, order.) They run $8.50 each and are SO worth each and every penny. They completely contain all BM blowouts – I’ve NEVER had a leak onto a cover with these diapers. These diapers will fit from 6lb or so (and fit WELL) to about 15lb. If you don’t get any other diaper, get these. SAHM and Sweet Peas are also good newborn diapers and are about $2 cheaper than Kissaluvs. They don’t hold a blowout though. They come in pretty prints and are flannel. I think Brenda (Sweet Peas) only does velcro but I believe that Anthea (SAHM) does both velcro and snaps. For the newborn, I’d suggest velcro. The fit of both SAHM and Sweet Peas is very similar to a sposie.

GBS Testing

What do you all think about the GBS test? This is one thing I haven’t done much research on. What are the benefits to this test? I read a little on it but was wondering if anyone had personal experience?

Tyring to Conceive After A Miscarriage

Man, I didn’t realize this was going to be so hard. We starting trying again this cycle and the past week has been grueling. I am looking at every action of my body and analyzing it “Could this mean I’m pregnant; I have this symptom and that symptom and this symptom.” It is so hard. I KNOW it is not good for me to get wrapped up in this but I’m having a hard time finding a way to get over it.