Natural Weaning…Or Not?

Sometimes I feel like I am pushing towards weaning. Lately my child has been napping in the car a lot when we run errands so s/he doesn’t nurse to sleep plus when we were moving s/he spent long periods of time with my parents. They would bring her over if she ever asked for me but s/he usually doesn’t – they keep pretty busy. S/he really doesn’t nurse much during the day, sometimes only at nap, at night, and bedtime.

Relactation Helpful Hints

A baby’s suckling is always going to have more of an effect than a pump.  If you have a child who will suckle, get a Lact-Aid and offer the breast as much as the baby will take it.  As your milk supply builds you can remove your dependence on supplementation both by formula and the Lact-Aid.

Ramblings of a Content Breastfeeding Mom

My milk came in quickly this time.  On the afternoon of day 2 so begun that hot tell-tale feeling in my breasts. By the evening, as with both my other children, I get that slightly "weird" feeling.  Almost dizzy but not quite.  Sorta feverish, but I’m not hot.  It’s like a "body ache", but I don’t hurt.  Its hard to explain, I’m certainly NOT sick & I don’t feel that bad, it’s just this feeling in my body, this hot, full feeling…it is my milk.  Of course!,  It is my milk coming in.  It’s a strange feeling, it has taken 3 babies to recognize it & understand it.  My entire body responding to that time when the milk 1st enters my breasts. It is a full body experience, just like the conception, the pregnancy & the birth, it has taken all of me to create & give (& go on giving) the goodness this life now outside me demands.