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Our latest articles include topics such as pregnancy, living simply and breastfeeding.

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Who are the mothers of MotherSpirit?

We are, first and foremost, mindful and respectful parents. We honor our babies' physical bodies by leaving their bodies whole and feeding them naturally. We cherish our children's sensitive souls by nurturing them attentively with respect for each one's unique needs.

Our children are newborns, toddlers, big kids and teenagers. We are new mothers and seasoned mothers... public school supporters and homeschoolers... students and volunteers... academics, corporate professionals, and artists... pacifists and activists... SAHMs, WAHMs, and WOHMs. We are anticipating motherhood, journeying through the ages and stages, and bidding farewell to our childbearing time. We are pregnant, nursing, weaning, and rediscovering ourselves. We have all made mistakes along the way. Our friendships here help us overcome the challenges we face.

We share stories and wisdom, deep philosophical discussions and inane chatter. We nurture each other, amuse each other, and support each other with respectful honesty. Our mission is to provide a special refuge for our diverse sisterhood of mindful mothers.

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